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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Farming Solutions</span><br>
Farming Solutions
Start your farming solution with a WaterPump System and upgrade at any time. At Solar connect, we continue to be leaders in high-quality Solar products across the commercial, agricultural and industrial markets, and we provide solar panels, power backup systems, solar batteries, solar regulators, power inverters, solar bulbs, solar TVs, DVDs, Woofers, lamps, and general electrical and electronics.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Maintainance and Quality.</span><br>
Maintainance and Quality.
we are the leading Solar Energey company with a strong foundation headed by professionals.our vast experience in this field have enabled us satisfy our clients among which; schools, hospitals, industries, individuals, government, and non govermental organisations.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Household Solutios.</span>
Household Solutios.
solar is applicable anywhere, whether there iselectricity or not. it can be used to power: TVs, Fridges, Computers, phone  charging, etc. Start your modern household solution with a Solarconnect 50Wp Power System and upgrade at any time!

Solar has no load shedding, and once acquired, expect no bills and no disconnections!


Solar energy is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. In Uganda we solar connect bring to you solar energy at the most affordable prices thus relieving you from almost all the electricity bills. Solar connect international is a fully incorporated pioneer leading company in Uganda for over the past nine years. it started operating in Uganda in 2009 with the best skilled and qualified personnel(engineers). It has its offices located at rubaga road near kabaka’s round about. It also has other branches all over in areas such as masaka town, mukono opposite st.paul church, wakiso town and energy centre.

I worked with solar connect on numerous projects and every time I was fully satisfied with their services. They truly are the best in the field.
True professionals, they made sure that the project is completed in the time frame we set from the beginning. Worked fast and with caution, so everything went very smooth.
They handle all my company's Security systems and I can say that I'm extremely pleased with their services. They have affordable prices and an extraordinary team. Keep up the good work!